StudyNet 3.0

30 June 2019
Good bye Fronter - WELCOME Canvas

The University of St.Gallen places great emphasis on high-quality and innovative teaching. We also want to achieve the same standard in our virtual teaching environment. Innovative digital teaching formats call for the use of a modern, contemporary and intuitive learning platform that supports the flexible use of digital tools. After an extensive evaluation period that involved all stakeholders including the Students' Union, we are delighted to upgrade to «Canvas», a powerful, user-friendly and mobile platform that has become the market leader within a few years thanks to the latest technology and ent-to-end interoperability. The introduction of the new StudyNet platform will be done in stages to fully prepare students and faculty for the new teaching and learning experience.

For further information about the transition period, please go to the Faculty section.

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Timeline - implementation process


2015 - 2018

Pilot Run and Call for Tenders,
which "Canvas" by Instructure won

OCT 1 2018

Implementation Studynet 3.0 ("Canvas") and end-of-pilot run for "ItsLearning".

Spring 2019
Stage 1 (Early Adopters)

Start StudyNet 3.0 ("Canvas")
with selected courses.

30 June 2019 - Cut-off date for old StudyNet ("Fronter") platform

Study and course materials on old platform must be saved to local drive before 30 June


Autumn 2019
Stage 2 (University Launch)

All courses on StudyNet 3.0.

Spring 2020
Stage 3 (Expansion)

Integration of additional tools and services.

Video zur Einführung von Canvas