Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

StudyNet moved to a newLearning Management System called "Canvas", which is provided by "Instructure". It replaced the oldStudyNet platform (Fronter). In the Spring Semester 2019, over 39 courses piloted on the new platform. Since September 2019, all courses run on the new platform.   

Canvas Release Notes 21 Dec 2019

In this Canvas release (December 21), Global Announcements are included as a notification preference (for Admins) and New Quizzes are moved to the Quizzes page in Canvas (for Teachers and TAs)

  • Global Announcements Notification Option 

    For Admins:


    Global Announcements include a checkbox to distribute a notification to subscribed users when the announcement starts.


    Change Benefit

    This change helps distribute global announcements via notifications.


    Affected User Roles

    All Users

    In the Notifications page, the Alerts section includes a Global Announcements option. By default, the notification preference is set to Immediately via email. Other notification channels default to off.



    As part of creating a global announcement, an admin can enable a checkbox to send the global announcement via notification when the announcement starts. All users will receive the global announcement via email, unless a user has disabled the notification for global announcements.


  • Quizzes Page New Quizzes Button

    PLEASE NOTE: The following change was supposed to be rolled-out on 21 Dec, unfortunately due to unforeseen reasons, the roll-out has been delayed until further notice. We will inform you as soon as we know more. Until then, New quizzes will still be located under Assignments page.


    For Teachers,Teaching assistants and Course designers:



    The New Quizzes button will be moved from the Assignments page to the Quizzes page (date to be confirmed).


    Change Benefit

    This change helps instructors logically identify new and old quizzes.


    Affected User Roles & Behaviors


    Instructors using New Quizzes can view the Quizzes page to create a new quiz instead of the Assignments page. To differentiate quiz versions, New Quizzes are identified as the + Quiz button, while old quizzes has been renamed to the + Old Quiz button.


    Quizzes created with New Quizzes or migrated to New Quizzes display a solid Quiz icon. Quizzes created with Old Quizzes display an outlined Quiz icon.


    Quizzes Instructor View with adjusted quiz buttons



    Students can also view New Quizzes in the Quizzes page, complete with the new and old icons to differentiate quiz versions.

    Quizzes Student View with adjusted quiz buttons

FAQs for Faculty

  • Where do I log into StudyNet?

    You can log into StudyNet with your HSG username and password using the following link: learning.unisg.ch

  • What will I see when I login?

    The first thing you see when you log in is the Dashboard. Here, your courses are displayed as card view or you can see your recent activities. You can also favourite a course to be displayed on the Dashboard. To view All Courses, click on Courses tab in the global navigation menu.


  • Where do I find help and support?

    Please see our Training website for training materials, as well as our Quick Start Guide to get you off to a great start. If you have been to the Essentials training session and need further assistance to develop your courses, we have student tutors that can help. Please fill in this Google Dox and we get in touch with you.

    You can access the Help menu in StudyNet from the Navigation Menu. From here, you can either search the online guides, for further information and practical tips. For technical problems, please use the Report a Problem option in the Help menu. You can also use this option for feedback. Alternatively, you can contact us on learning.support@unisg.ch

  • Do you offer training sessions for the new StudyNet (Canvas)?

    Please find further information about training materials and recordings from past training sessions, as well as training dates on our Training website.

  • How do I set up my course?

    To get you off to a great start, we have set up all courses with a HSG template (German and English). The template allows you to easily set up and structure your course and it contains valuable tips and information. Please see the next section about designing your course and learning activities.

  • How do I design my course?
    1. Set-up the welcome page provided by the templates to onboard students to the course. This is the course overview they see when accessing the course.
    2. Using Modules to organise and structure your course content. Modules are great to guide students through the course. You can arrange modules by week, unit or topic.
    3. Adding content: You can add new or existing content items into a module, such as Assignments, Quizzes, Pages, Discussions and Files. These are outlined in more detail in the next section. With files you can manage items (documents and media file types) that you use in multiple courses. Please see next section about developing content for your course.

    Please see our Training website for training materials, as well as our
    Quick Start Guide to get you off to a great start.
  • How do I design learning activities to engage students?

    Please note: As of now: Quizzes can only be used as ungraded practice quizzes, as only the Dean's Advisory Office can legally award grades. You can use the speedgrader to mark student-submitted papers, however, there are some guidelines around using it for grading and giving feedback to students. Please see our Guide: Anleitung Speedgrader, Noten und Kommentare (in German).

    Engage your students through practice quizzes, discussions and ungraded assignments

    Assignments include Quizzes (new and old), Discussions, and online submissions (i.e. files, images, text, URLs, etc.). If you are interested in the advanced features of assignments including using rubrics or how to give feedback to students through Canvas complying with HSG regulations, please get in touch with us via email learning.support@unsig,ch

  • How can I assign a Teaching Assistant to my courses?

    If you wish to assign Teaching Assistants to your course, we kindly ask you to add them at StudyNet Assistant Manager. If you have any questions, please contact us at learning.support@unisg.ch.

  • How can I add observers and students that want to switch groups to my courses?

    Observers: If you want to add observers to your course, you need to send the names and emails to either your Programme Manager or to learning.support@unisg.ch. Please find important contacts for faculty, as well as a list with the Programme Managers.

    What can observers do?
    Observers have limited permissions that allow them to see what is going on in a course without interrupting the flow of daily course communication.
    They can view files (unless locked) and view and read discussions, but they cannot participate by submitting assignments or quizzes or commenting on announcements or discussions.
    They do not get credits for the course.

    Students: Faculty cannot add students to a course, as at HSG the students are added to a course through the Bidding process. However, if students want to change groups, faculty can send an email with the name and email address to learning.support@unisg.ch and we can add them as Students without Bidding/ Studierende ohne Bidding. They can take part in your course, but cannot take exams and get credits as Students without Bidding. However, they stay in their original allocated group, where they can take the exam and are eligible for credits. This is to prevent undermining the Bidding process.

  • I have set up a conference with my students, but encountered problems with screen sharing and audio. How can I advise students with their audio and screen sharing?

    Problem: Students were not able to share their screen or hear other users in the conference.

    Screen share options: If the student is using Safari they will not have this option. Screen sharing is not supported on Safari browsers. It is recommended to use Chrome or Firefox browsers to access the Conferences interface. After testing and speaking with our next level support I found that screen sharing is only available to the user who had created the conference. Participants in the conference will not have this feature. 

    Please see the following Guides: