The project has been initiated by Prof. Enrico De Giorgi to develop an e-learning platform for Mathematics to be used by Assessment students and prospective master students as an auxiliary learning instrument. The platform has been launched in April 2015 and was offered to students in the Assessment lectures Mathematik II and Mathematics II. The goals of this new learning instrument are:

  • To give access to learning opportunities in a flexible way (also accessible from smart phones and tablets).
  • To support the learning process through constant feedback.
  • To detect students’ individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • To generate learning content which best addresses students’ specific needs.
  • To provide an auxiliary link between theory and corresponding exercises.
  • To facilitate and improve the interaction between students and between students and lecturers (through a discussion forum).

The tool was extended in the Autumn Term 2015 to cover the topics of the Asesssment lectures Mathematics I and Mathematics II. You can access it via